XT808 Is The Brightest LED Flashlight!

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xt808 flashlight orderXT808 – More than your ordinary flashlight!

XT808 Led Flashlight is a great tactical flashlight that will provide you with the brightest light of over eighty lumens of power. Surely everyone wants to protect themselves in cases of emergencies. But, you must be wondering how can XT808 LED flashlight protect you? Well, this incredibly handy tool can protect you from any type of emergencies, with the help of this review, you will find out how.

What makes XT808 so unique and efficient?

XT808 LED flashlight is the hottest selling product in the market today, packed with good quality metal that includes zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper that makes it stronger and stiffer than an ordinary flashlight. Moreover, it also functions as a self-defense tool that will protect you from various attackers and hurdles.

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The XT808 has the following features:

  •  1 inches long ( can extend to 6.1 inches)
  •  High, medium, low, SOS and strobe light modes
  •  Adjustable focusing beam
  •  Rechargeable batteries
  •  Scratch and water resistant lens
  •  Made up of aircraft aluminium alloy
  •  100,000 lamp life.

While the modern and sleek look of this magnificent tool sets it apart from other flashlights, it’s not the only amazing feature it has. The many modes, features, and options that this flashlight possesses makes it one of the best and unique tactical flashlights in the market. The tool has an amazing battery life and easy rechargeable batteries and zoom features.

xt808 offers the brightest light

The powerful and focused beam of the XT808 can blind any attacker at a close range and its hard and compact body can easily knock anyone out if someone with ill means gets too close. While everyone wants to avoid such situations, but there certainly is a piece of mind to know that you have XT808 by your side to protect you in case such a thing happens.

What can XT808 LED Flashlight do for you?

Who wants to get lost in dark places and experience those dangerous situations? Therefore, you never know when this flashlight might come handy with its following benefits:

  •  Lightweight

Most people do not buy LED flashlights because they are usually heavy, however, the new XT808 weighs only 4.9oz, which means that it won’t weight anything to you no matter where you carry it and how you carry it.

  •  Defensive tool

As mentioned above, this is more than just your ordinary tactical flashlight, its bevelled end edge can help you fight against your attackers in times of need and not only that, the bright itself can blind any attacker in close range giving you enough time to save yourself.

  •  Free tactical Box, charger unit and rechargeable batteries

xt808 is high performance

Get the best in the market!

Primitive Outdoors has worked hard to make everything easy for you and brought you this new XT808 LED Flashlight with a free tactical box and charger unit with rechargeable batteries so that you never run of power.

This flashlight is all that you are looking for in the best tactical too. Rush now to get your very own XT808 LED Flashlight at seventy-five percent off with Primitive Outdoors!


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